MalwareCity released new Removal tool for the TDSS Family of Crimeware

MalwareCity released new Removal tool ,which is able to detect and clean infections with all known clones of TDSS. In august 2011, they update the removal tool in order to detect TDSS variants such as Pihar.A, Pihar.B, Sst.A and Sst.B (MAXSS).

TDSS is not only one of the most important bots at the moment in terms of infection count, but also one of the most sophisticated. It has a hidden partition on the infected machine that hosts the code to subvert the OS before it starts, it can infect both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and comes with a peer-to-peer communication model between the infected client and the C&C server.

Its complexity and efficiency have made TDSS extremely popular in the cyber underworld. Many current malicious operations are “powered by”clones of TDSS/TDL4 which now appears to be sold as a service.

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