Hackers targeting Wi-Fi in public places

A warning if you're traveling this holiday season. Hackers are targeting people who use Wi-Fi at airports and other public places.
The hackers set up fake Wi-Fi networks, enticing people with laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other devices to access the internet through their bogus network.
"So if they go to their bank, it will grab all of their banking information," said Cyber security expert Gregory Evans. "If they go to their Facebook, it'll grab all that- their Twitter account. If they're writing love letters, I can grab all of that."
Some tips to prevent Wi-Fi hacking:
  • If you're at an airport or other place find out who the Wi-Fi provider is and use that provider even it costs money.
  • If you go online in a public place, someone could be watching or recording you, peaking at personal information, including bank accounts.
  • Experts say change your passwords from time to time and use different passwords for different accounts.


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