Fake Kaspersky Antivirus is spreading via email- Spam Report

Kaspersky users getting spam email titled with "Antivirus & Security Complete Antivirus Protection Solution".  They spoof the email sender as "sale@Kasperksy.com" .

"The cybercriminals had done a good job: the email not only looked like an official email from Kaspersky Lab but the “From” field was a good imitation as well."Maria, Kaspersky Lab Expert.

The email has fake download link.  If the user click the link, it will redirect to a website with an offer to buy a program called Best Antivirus Online.

It has to be said that the image of the “product box” on the web page was not unlike that of Symantec’s signature design – black font against a predominantly yellow background. To buy the program, the user had to enter their credit card details and email address so they could receive further instructions.

Security researchers at Kaspersky  followed these step as part of their investigations, but received no more instructions at the email address we specified. It is quite possible that users could have received more instructions on how to download the fake antivirus at the time the spam was active.

This is not the first time CyberCriminals fake Kaspersky antivirus programs. In future ,they may send spam mail with any other Anti virus. If you like to buy the product, directly go to the official site.


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