Anti-lignite activists hacked Solid Energy website

Last night, Anti-lignite activists hacked Solid Energy's website and redirect the website to another site named 'stolen energy', the website shows a 3 minutes video of a pristine country rising out of the sea.

A voice over says large amounts of lignite were under the ground in Southland and "massive" amounts of the "very dirty" coal could be about to be dug up. It ends with a short clip of Prime Minister John Key saying: "We are the masters of our own destiny".

"Solid Energy realised what had happened only when it received calls from journalists this morning. They had received an email pointing them to the Aotearoa Independent Media Centre website which said the Solid Energy website had been hacked." nzherald report.

No-one had claimed responsibility for the hacking and Solid Energy had no idea who had done it, Ms Blyth said. Solid Energy had referred it to the police.

Solid Energy has reported about this attack to the Police overnight.  Today morning, Solid Energy site has been down for maintenance.


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