2 Big websites Hacked and Defaced by Albanian Cyber Army

A Hackers group named as "Albanian cyber Army" hacked into two websites and defaced them.  One site belongs to Ekri Industries.

Hacked sites:

The hacker message written in the defacement page:
 No Serbia , we don't forget massacres which you made in Kosovo.
You killed " My Father , My Mother, My Sister,My Brother,My Grandfather,My Grandmother,My Family " ...
But don't forget that the people which you Killed had " Albanian Blood " ...
We are for an Ethical Albania.
Do not easy forget :
Tivari,Cameria,Konica,Kosturi,Follorina Etc.
You've killed a lot of " Albanian Families " but we " Avenge " .
One more think you should know Kosovo is Albaia , was and is gonna be.
The End


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