Free Eternal Blues Vulnerability Scanner Released

Even after the Wannacry Ransomware attack, many organisations failed to apply the Windows update which addresses the Eternal Blue vulnerability or to disabled the smb v1, as such, making thousands victims of NotPetya Ransomware.

Seeing the huge amount of organisation which has fallen victims of these Ransomware, Elad Erez, Director of Innovation at Imperva, developed a Eternal Blue vulnerability scanner and made it available freely for non-technical organisations and those which do not have an IT Security team.

Yet another vulnerability scanner?
There are many vulnerability scanners out there. So… why did I create another? Mainly for the ease of use. The majority of latest WannaCry, NoPetya (Petya, GoldenEye or whatever) victims, are not technical organizations and sometimes just small business who don’t have a security team, or even just an IT team to help them mitigate this. Running NMap, Metasploit (not to mention more commercial products) is something they will never do. I aimed to create a simple ‘one-button’ tool that tells you one thing and one thing only – which systems are vulnerable in your network.

The tool scans all the devices on the network and states whether these devices are vulnerable to any Eternal Blue based attack without exploiting them. According to the blog post, the tool has been tested on real networks and have identified a few vulnerable computers.

The free tool can be downloaded from the official website [Click Here!]


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