Chinese Electronic Cigarette’s Charger Spreading Malware

The electronic cigarette is nowadays easily available at a very affordable price. On eBay, we can get it for around $5. But recently, an IT Security guy has started a thread where he stated that the e-cigarette has compromised the computer of his boss, and this can be considered as the very first side effect of the electronic cigarette.

According to the thread, the malware was hard coded in the charger, giving the IT guys trouble in identifying it. The executive's system was fully protected with up to date antivirus as well as anti-malware. After trying all possible technical way to find the source of the malware, they had to ask the executive if he recently had any change in his life. The executive stated that he started using the e-cigarette which he usually charges from his computer.

And that was the answer they were looking for, the made in china e-cigarette had malware hard coded into the charger and when plugged into a computer’s USB port the malware phoned home and infected the system.

To protect you from such risk, disable the data pins on the USB. This will prevent exchange of information.

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