Viber Mobile Messenger Sends User Data Unencrypted[Video]

Security researchers from the University of New Haven (UNH) in Connecticut, US, published about security vulnerability they discovered in Viber messenger.This flaw relates to how messages,photos, videos, doodles, and location images are sent, in an unencrypted form.These data are even stored unencrypted on Viber's servers rather than being deleted immediately.
How they discovered this vulnerability?
Using a Windows PC as wifi access point, the security team was able to capture data sent between two Android devices.
Security researchers, Dr Ibrahim Baggili and Jason Moore, stated that they reported the flaw to Viber but did not receive any response from them.


In a statement made to CNET, Viber said that they will be releasing a fix soon for Android and iOS.
"This issue has already been resolved. It is currently in QA and the fix will be released for Android and submitted to Apple on Monday. As of today we aren't aware of a single user who has been affected by this."
CNET Article: [Click Here!]


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