#OpFunKill: Message to the Government of Namibia

Members of an Anonymous affiliate hacking group,Team Defiant, posted a video on YouTube where they are threatening the government of Namibia for allowing the US-based Dallas Safari Club to auction the chance to kill a black rhino from the country’s Mangetti National Park.Below is the video message along with the transcript which they posted.
"Hello Namibian Government,
We are Anonymous, we are Team Defiant. We have been watching you, and we do not agree with the cruel punishment you're allowing to happen inside of your country. The fact that you allow five black rhinos to be hunted each year as part of a conservation program is preposterous, not to mention you believe your own lie that it'll "gear to boost the long-term survival of the species, Bullshit.
You are promoting a hunt that is for your own good, not for the welfare of the animal, the black rhino species that you are not considering.
So let us get this right.. You're selling permits to hunt an ENDANGERED SPECIES, from anywhere between $250,000 and $1 million??
But yet its for the RHINOS? Please explain how these animals benefit from YOUR wealth?
Here are some things you can ponder about when alone, and think hard because this my friends is the inevitable.
1. How much more can your country handle before it turns on you?
2. Will Team Defiant release all your personal information and data stored in your servers?
3. How will you get online commerce when none of your website are working properly?

We are a collective of Anonymous.
We are Team Defiant.
I am Payback Panda,
This is Operation Fun Kill.
We're the ones in the shadows,
you can not stop, what you can not see.


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