#OpIndependence By Anonymous Ukraine

Through a video posted on YouTube, Anonymous Ukraine has annonce their an operation called #OpIndependence.This operation is a campagin which promotes Ukraine’s independence from the European Union, NATO and Russia.The video was published on the 28th of October and by now has already reached around 1205 views.

"Hello citizens of the world, we're Anonymous Ukraine.
Government of Ukraine boosts the country's integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions despite the reluctance of Ukrainian people.
Ukrainian citizens realize that signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union, scheduled in November, will lead to the collapse of Ukrainian economy in the near future.
We express our support to the people of our country. We want Ukrainian government and EU leadership to understand that people of Ukraine do not want their country to become a raw material donor to Europe.
Ukraine must be free. We do not want to be dependent on other countries or organizations. Ukrainian people do not need a speculative Association Agreement with the European Union. Ukraine does not need to be a part of Russia-led Eurasian customs union. We do not need to be servants of NATO.
Ukraine does not need European Union. Ukraine does not need NATO. Ukraine does not need Russia. Ukraine should not be anybody's servant. We stand for independent Ukraine.
We declare the beginning of #OpIndependence. We will strike at the web resources of countries and organizations that pose a threat to freedom and independence of Ukraine!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us."


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