Directorate General Defence Purchase of Pakistan Hacked And Files Leaked By Afghan Cyber Army

Afghan Cyber Army (ACA) continues its attack on Pakistani cyber space.This time they penetrated the Directorate General Defence Purchase of Pakistan website(, stole 62 files and leaked them on their official facebook page via free file hosting services.Along with this leak,they posted a message which goes as follows:
"This hack is a response to the rocket attacks of Pakistan military on Kunar and Jalalabad Provinces of Afghanistan! Next time wait for...bigger damage,
We will not let any torture and overtaking on our land unanswered. Remember WE ARE AFGHANS, WE DO NOT FORGET, WE DO NOT FORGIVE!
Rest in peace the Heroes of Afghanistan we will never forgot your Sacrifice and we never will let porkies and this world forget it too..
Live For Afghanistan Or Leave Afghanistan
Greetings:To All Afghans & All Afghan Security Forces

For security reasons,we decided not to post the leaked documents link.


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