Pakistan Army Websites Breached By Indian Hackers

Through a pastebin document posted on 9th May 2013, indian hackers, namely Striker,Sen,Resister,Cap Zap and Dark Falcon have leaked data of the official Pakistani army website.Below is the message posted by the hackers in the same document.
"Data Leak Of By Resister India ( th3 LaZy tIgEr )
Hello W0rld...!!!
Today Pakistan Army's 0ffical website has been breached :)
We didnt deface the site nor we are deleting the data , that dosent mean that we can't do :) we are capable of hacking  onto your defence servers also :)
=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=---==-=-   We are :-
                             ~ Striker ~ Sen ~ Resister ~ Cap Zap ~ Dark Falcon ~
We are not lamers to copy and paste the database from somewhere , as a proof of concept we are also showing you the sqli link :- 
Patch it first then attack Indian Servers : - Holy Fucking Pakistani terrorists go and read holy quran first .. did it tell you to attack india ?????
Reason :  Payback to Pakistani terrorists and lame pakistani Hackers "

Following the message,a series of database were listed. The hackers ended the document with the following words, "We even Have few Logins But we don't wannt Leak it as we have some mercy on Lamers :)"

Source: [Click Here!] At the time of publishing,the document was still available and had hits count of 109.


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