Indian Hackers Defaced 37 Brazilian Websites

After defacing 342 websites some weeks back,Indian hackers Hind Hacker and Mr.Freak aka Silent Hacker have this time defaced 37 Brazilian websites.The same deface page were uploaded on these websites,on which,they stated the reason of their attack.
Message on Deface Page:
"Reas0n:For SOme lamers of Brazil Hacking into Indian Cyber Space
Bitchz!Big mistake what you have done!!
Now We Stand!! For our Mother LanD!!
We wer Busy with our Life But Now its time to teach moral storys!!
Feel US!! Feel Our Love towards our nation!!
Never make a mistake again Hacking Indian servers!!
Feel the Counter Attack Force

we are not the only force But to warn you unskilled lamers only we are enough!!

want a Cyber War ?? ask for it and you will be served!!!
We Are : Str1k3r (GhosT in Wires) , Sen (Sen Haxor) , Th3 Destroyer , RajaT , Suresh , The Resister , Hind-Hacker ,CAp Zap --> (we all officially raise middle finger to Brazil :P )
Moral of the Story :If you fuck with the best!! You will End like rest!! _

Link to all defaced website with mirror:
[Click Here!]


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