Bank of Mauritius Warns The Public Against Scams

Through a communiqué published on the 10th of April 2013 at 14hr30, the Bank of Mauritius has warned the general public to be cautious about a scam which is circulating,in which,scammers are using the logo of the organization as well as the photograph of a member to deceive people in providing their personal information.
The scam states that a huge sum of money would be transferred to their bank account after they obtain necessary documents.If these documents are not provided,the money will be sent as abandoned fund to the "Mauritius Fund Security Vault". The Bank of Mauritius,through this communique has asked the public not to send any money,document,or disclose any information related to bank account to the scammers.When doing so,the scammers may use these information to do other criminal acts,such as identity theft or even cause financial loss to the person whose information has been sent.If anyone thinks that he/she has been scammed,they must immediately report this to the police.
The official document released can be downloaded [Click Here!] from the official link of the Bank.


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