Members Of The Hackers Army Hacked Kenya Government Website

Hackers going by the name of THA X and THA Rude have been defacing the Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development website.On the defaced page,the above picture was added with the following message,:
"HacKeD By THA X & THA RuDe
Greetings citizens of the World
We are TheHackersArmy (THA)
.We exist without nationality..We exist with humanity.
.This time we talk to the government - On the site's Homepage and Sub-Domains.
.There is no use of securing.There is no use of spending forensic.
.Get this message clear Mr.Prime Minister and others.
.We do not like to talk much and Yes! It is our world.
.Expect us.
$config['database']['database'] = '#server#';
$config['database']['username'] = '#%?r#!]oO#t#';
$config['database']['password'] = '#y9?B}#q?0OT';
[#] We Are TheHackersArmy (THA)
[#] Hate Us - Fear Us - Despise Us !
[#] WwW.anonhack.cOm

By the time of publishing,the website was unreachable.Mirror of the website during the defacement has been provided below.
Mirror:[Click Here!]

Another government website was defaced along with this, the State Corporations Advisory Committee website.The same defaced page was added on this website as well and is unavailable at the time we are updating this article.
Mirror:[Click Here!]


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