George Friedman Respond back to Wikileaks Release

Today Wikileaks released Stratfor strategy against Julian Assange
"Move him from country to country to face various charges for thenext 25 years. But, seize everything he and his family own, to includeevery person linked to Wiki. 
Marko Papic wrote:> Nate makes a good point. The arrest is not necessarily the end of> Julian Assange. He could become a martyr in jail, particularly a> Swedish jail, which I imagine has better amenities than my house."

WikiLeaks releases alleged Stratfor e-mails, promises more

WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files – more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor, a global security think tank, via the international Internet hacktivist collective Anonymous.

UN Environment Programme Hacked by R00tw0rm and Inj3ct0r

The official website of the United Nations Environment Programme ( has been breached by the hacker collectives R00tw0rm and Inj3ct0r. As a result of the breach, the hackers leaked a massive database from the UNs servers.

The anatomy of an Anonymous attack

After observing an attack launched by Anonymous last year, security experts from Imperva managed to perform an in-depth analysis of the incident. The results of the analysis are included in a report called The Anatomy of an Anonymous Attack.

130+ Indian Websites Hacked by Orionshunter of BBHH

After hacking thousand of indian sites this time orionshunter of bd black hat hackers hacked more than 130 indian web sites
Some Websites & Mirrors:

Manchester United and many other High Profile Websites Vulnerable to XSS

A number of 60 high-profile websites were found to contain cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities that can potentially expose the sites’ visitors to malicious operations launched by cybercriminals with a clearly defined agenda.This was discovered by Team Intra.
Full List Of All Sites:

Security Firewall to Protect Indian Government Sites from Hackers

The government of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh wants to ensure that hackers will have a hard time breaching their official websites and it's determined to implement a “security firewall” to protect them.

Anonymous Could “Cook” President Obama in the White House

An apparently plausible theory claims that, if hackers manage to overtake the systems from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), they could redirect the electrically charged beam of radio waves towards the White House, causing massive damage.

Prison Management Firm GEO Group Hacked by Anonymous

The breach that affected the Dayton Ohio Chapter of InfraGuard wasn’t the only hack part of the Friday’s operation against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Anonymous also hacked and defaced the official website of GEO Group, a company that provides correctional and detention management to government agencies worldwide.

Compromised Website for Luxury Cakes and Pastries Spreads Ransomware

During the past few days, we’ve been monitoring, the website of a well-known confectionery company based in France. A seemingly unlikely target for cybercrime, Ladurée’s website was compromised in order to infect users’ systems with ransomware. The ransomware, detected as TROJ_RANSOM.BOV pretends to be notifications from the National Gendarmerie (French: Gendarmerie nationale), commonly known as the French Police Force. It displays a window that covers the entire desktop and demands payment, i.e., holding the system ransom.

Roland’s US Backstage Site Hacked, Customer Data Leaked

Usernames, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers and information regarding registered products from Roland US Backstage customers may have been exposed after a group of unnamed hackers managed to gain access to their databases.

Anonymous victory: EU suspends ACTA ratification

Anonymous fights Internet censorship and wins. Pressure from the international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous has forced the EU to suspend their efforts to ratify ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

Anonymous: Message to the NSA

Greetings NSA,
We are Anonymous.

BBHH leaked Thousand Of Indian Navy Members details

Bd Xtor, Black Bone, Optïmus Black Burn, Ojanakew, active members of BBHH leaked credentials information about members of Indian navy.

Ivy League Universities Targeted by Hackers in OpIvy

Two grey hat hacker collectives joined forces and launched an operation called Op Ivy, intended to reveal the large number of vulnerabilities present in the official websites of major universities, first ones on the list being Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Page Spammed by Anonymous

After The Wall Street Journal published an article in which the National Security Agency (NSA) expressed its concerns regarding the potential threat posed by Anonymous to the United States’ national power grid, the hackers and their supporters started spamming the media company’s official Facebook page with protest messages.

Yellow Pages Site Hacked by Mad HackerZ

A group of Lebanese hackers called Mad HackerZ Team breached the country’s official Yellow Pages website (, leaking tons of information they found on its servers. We’ve contacted the hackers to find out about their reasons for hacking this and other sites.

#Operation LulzPirate - Anonymous Warns Of A Pirate Bay Shutdown

#Op Blackout
#Projekt M@yhem
greatings internet, we are anonymous. The file sharing website The Pirate Bay has come a step closer to being blocked in the UK after the high court ruled that the site breaches copyright laws on a large scale. Major music groups want British internet service providers, such as B T and B Sky B, to prevent their millions of customers from accessing

Asus Service Website Hacked By Bangladeshi Hackers

Along with these,Bangladeshi Hackers has been attacking many other websites,mainly Indian websites..Some of them are listed below..

16,000+ Email ID And Password Leaked bY BLACK BURN

Black Burn, active member of BBHH leaked 16000+ email id and password yesterday(20.02.2012)..

Israel Email HaCked By :::Mauritania HaCker Team:::

This was released on the official facebook page of the Hacking Team..All the email and password are found in the pastebin link below.

Anonymous Members Arrested for Hacking Greek Ministry of Justice

An 18 year old arrested in the process of a crime, and two other Greek high school students, 16 and 17 years, accused by the Electronic Crime to participate in the falsification of the website of the Greek Ministry of Justice on February 2.

LOIC DDOS Attack Tool Migrated to Android

The Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is popular among hackers who want to take down a certain website and recently we’ve seen a lot of variants, including the JavaScript-powered version that allows even inexperienced hackers to attack sites. Now, researchers came across a version that’s designed for Android users.

S3rver.exe Hacked Chinese Govt Website

S3rver.exe, the 13-year-old Australian hacker, has kept himself busy by breaching a couple of websites that belong to the Chinese government, more precisely the sites of the Tongcheng Environmental Protection and an official police site.

Royal Navy, Federal Reserve and Other Sites Hacked by D35m0nd142

The German Grey Hat Hacker is back.This time he managed to get into the official website of The Royal Navy after finding an SQL injection vulnerability.

Facebook hacker jailed for eight months

Glenn Mangham's lawyer claims his client was 'ethical hacker' who wanted to show how Facebook could improve its security

Anonymous 'attacks' Spanish cinema

Anonymous wanted to be present, in its way, in the great night of Spanish film. The organization of hackers has been noted before and during the awards ceremony of the Goya Awards that took place this evening in Madrid, first with a frustrated protest at the gates of the Palace of Congresses which has hosted the ceremony and later , with an attack on the website of the Film Academy.

University of Washington Hacked for the Third Time in February 2012

A hacker known as xdev, part of b4lc4nh4ck, managed to breach the site of the University of Washington, leaking a small amount of data to prove that he gained access to the institution's servers.

Experts: Anonymous Attacks on Root DNS Servers Not Plausible

Anonymous revealed its plans to go after the 13 root DNS servers of the Internet, on March 31, with the purpose of causing a global blackout. However, experts say that this is not so easy to achieve and provide several arguments to sustain their beliefs.

Malware Spreads as Microsoft Silverlight Content Sent by Facebook

 Researchers from Barracuda Labs discovered a series of malicious emails that allegedly come from Facebook and bear an attachment that’s allegedly available only if Microsoft Silverlight is installed.

Major Sites from US, Belgium, Ghana, Russia Hacked by SEPO

SEPO, the Eastern European hacker featured in our Hackers around the world series not long ago, provided us another list of major targets that kept him busy in the past several days.

55+ Pakistani Website Hacked By Yash & Team Nuts

This time more than 55 Pakistani websites were targeted by Yash and Team Nuts. Among these sites,2 important Pakistani Govt Websites were defaced.
Full List Of All Websites & Mirrors:

EIILMVC Hacked By Bangladeshi Hackers

 Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning Of Management  India Hacked By Bangladeshi Hacker Bd Xtor


Jaguar Hacker and Silent Hacker Hacked Pakistani Website together

Anonymous Wants Internet Blackout

A Pastebin post, allegedly published a few days ago by members of Anonymous, reveals the hacktivists’ intentions to shut down the Internet on March 31 by going after “the 13 root DNS servers of the Internet.”
Pastebin Link:

Anonymous Hacks Romanian Government and Police Sites

The Romanian faction of the infamous Anonymous hacktivist organization has targeted a large number of government and law enforcement organizations in the past days.

ACTA: Netherlands and Bulgaria Step Back

The list of European countries that delay the ratification of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has two new additions: Bulgaria and Netherlands.

Bangladesh Cyber Army hits Harder this time

Stock Market India -
National Stock Exchange of India --
Stock Exchange Of India --
At the time we are publishing this,the above listed websites were unavailable.. BCA has been dosing these important Indian websites during their peak hours..BCA also released a video..

Members of Zcompany Hacking Crew Hits Hard on Indian Important Websites

Members of ZHC, Miscreant and Milan Milo are back again with a boom..This time they have been hacking high profile Indian website like BSNL Kolkata and Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh, tribal welfare dept Website..
Full List Of all Hacked Websites With Mirrors:

Microsoft Patches 21 Vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, IE and .NET

Microsoft’s February 2012 bulletins, totaling a number of nine, address 21 security holes that were identified in a few products, some of which may have allowed an attacker to remotely execute malicious code if certain circumstances were met.

Anonymous Takes Down NASDAQ Site with DDOS Attack

A group of Anonymous hackers launched a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against the official website of the NASDAQ stock market as a form of support for the “99 percent.”
 A Pastebin post reveals that Operation Digital Tornado began on February 12 at 2PM Greenwich Time and until February 14 it acquired a considerable number of targets.

Pakistani News Website Hacked Again

New Mirror:
Pakistani website hosted on Bangladeshi server hacked again by Indian Hackers of Marathi Cyber Army.This websites was previously hacked by Sidlove and Phoenix Encoder..

Pakistan Online TV Portal Owned By Team Nuts

Members of Team Nuts,Yash and Prateek hits again. This time they hacked Pakistani online TV portal.This website has a good Alexa rank in Pakistan (811). Along with this, the Indian hacking team hacked many more websites.Team Nuts has been very active in hacking Pakistani Website.
Full List Of Websites & Mirrors:

Metropolitan Police: Beware of Law Enforcement Viruses

The UK Metropolitan Police’s Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) is warning Internet users about the massive malware campaign that locks computers allegedly in the name of the law enforcement agency.

Anonymous Hacks Turkey’s Telecoms Authority

Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communications Authority was breached by Anonymous hackers as part of Operation Digiturk. The operation was launched after the one of the country’s satellite television providers, Digiturk, blocked a couple of blogs that were hosting copyrighted materials.

Dutch ISP KPN hacked, credentials and personal information leaked

One of the largest ISPs in The Netherlands has shut down its email services after hackers posted usernames, passwords, phone numbers, addresses and more of more than 500 customers on the internet.
KPN discovered the attackers on its network January 27th, but decided not to disclose the information immediately after consulting with the Dutch government and law enforcement agencies.

Bangladesh Tourism Website Hacked By Root Codefire

#OP-India Second Message From BBHH to Indian Govt

People of Bangladesh
Dear brother & sister

We are Bangladesh blackhat hackers,
Bangladesh cyber army & Expire underground cyber army.

6GB NASA Database Leaked, Hackers Notify Agency

Members of two hacker collectives, Team r00tw0rm and Team inj3ct0r, identified an SQL injection vulnerability on one of the subdomains owned by NASA and hosted on the domain By leveraging the security hole, the hackers obtained a 6 gigabyte database, but refused to disclose the name of the flawed subdomain to give the agency time to patch it up.

Chinese “Evil Shadow” Hackers Breach and Deface Microsoft Store India

The Chinese Evil Shadow hacker collective managed to breach the official Indian Microsoft Store (, defacing it and leaking data from their databases.

Ticketweb admits it got hacked

 A group of hackers managed to gain access to TicketWeb’s direct email marketing systems and utilized it to send phishing emails to unsuspecting customers. The ticket distribution company is alerting users to be on the lookout for suspicious emails.

100+ Indian Site Hacked by Escape XOne from Bangladesh Cyber Army #Op India

Message for Indishell or Indian Cyber Army and Indian Government:

We are seeing Indian hackers hack Bangladeshi sites one after another. This damage to our cyber world is forcing us to strike back. With no other way, we will put forward some of our demands. This message is directed towards Indishell or Indian Cyber Army and Indian Government. Remember, Bangladesh Cyber Army never started the attacks in the first place. It is you who forced us and only you will be responsible for the consequences
Link of all Websites:
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