Universal Music Sites from Portugal and Sweden Hacked by Sepo

The official websites of Universal Music Portugal (universalmusic.pt) and Universal Music Sweden (universalmusic.se) were hacked by the Eastern European hacker Sepo.

 This is not the first time the site of Universal Music Portugal is breached, the hacker proving that after the first incident they failed to patch up the vulnerabilities that exposed the site and its users.

The Universal Music sites were targeted as a form of protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which raised a lot of concern lately among Internet users.

From the site of Universal Music Portugal Sepo obtained the database’s structure, email addresses, usernames and password hashes, publishing all the information on his personal blog.

The breach that affected Universal Music Sweden was part of OpSweden, an operation launched by Anonymous Sweden which benefits from the support of Sepo and other hackers worldwide.

Their database’s structure, customer email addresses, usernames, password hashes and password salts leaked from their servers were also published on Sepo’s blog.

Universal Music sites have been highly targeted by hackers after they revealed their support for the controversial anti-piracy treaty. At first, Anonymous hackers launched massive DDOS attacks on their domains and now they’re beginning to probe for vulnerabilities that can help them cause even more damage.

It may not be the best choice of words, but Universal Music, you should have expected them. The company should have expected to be targeted and it should have ensured that all their sites are protected.

Besides the anti-ACTA hacks, the official site of Nissan Motors in Columbia was also breached. From their servers the hacker only leaked some server information and the username and password hash of the domain’s administrator.


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