UN Environment Programme Hacked by R00tw0rm and Inj3ct0r

The official website of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP.org) has been breached by the hacker collectives R00tw0rm and Inj3ct0r. As a result of the breach, the hackers leaked a massive database from the UNs servers.

The 88 megabyte database contains information on research, and some personal data that appears to belong to UN staff members.

“UN is good for nothing. I don't see good works done by them. They are just using and fooling people. Actually they are not working as they should work,” a Team R00tw0rm representative told us.

The hackers also revealed that they are not quitting here and there’s much more to come in the upcoming days.

This is the third time in the past days when a United Nations website is breached. Not long ago, Anonymous Serbia hacked the official website of UN Serbia and altered it so all its visitors would be redirected to their Facebook page.

The hacktivists said that the site was breached as a form of protest against the new treaty that may give the UN great power over the Internet.

United Nations Armenia was defaced to display the protest message of the Turkey Cyber Army.

Team R00tw0rm and Team Inj3ct0r kept themselves busy in the past days and the United Nations site wasn’t their only target. They also gained unauthorized access to Zenis.com, the website of the renowned mobile technology company that specializes in the development of mobile apps for the mass end-user market.

From Zenis’ servers they leaked database structure information, purchase data, and other samples of sensitive information they found.

For those who may not remember, Team R00tw0rm and Team Inj3ct0r are the ones that managed to leak the 6 gigabyte database from NASA servers not long ago. They told us now that NASA still hasn’t responded to their request to patch up the site and the massive quantity of data is publicly available all over the Internet.
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