Turkish hackers attacked genocide bill author Valerie Boyer's website

A Turkish hacker collective defaced the personal website of Valerie Boyer (valerie-boyer.fr), a member of the French parliament, as a result of the fact that she authored a bill that fines and imprisons anyone who denies genocide acts.

 According to The Hacker News, Boyer called the police after she and her family received numerous death threats.

The attack on Boyer’s site comes after a few days ago the French National Assembly passed a bill that refers to the criminalization of anyone who publicly denies the Armenian Genocide. The proposed law caused a lot of controversy and Turkey even recalled its ambassador from France.

“You are such a respectful-to-thoughts-freedom country that you put people in jail, anyone who tells the truth by saying ‘There is no such thing as Armenian genocide’! You have such a two-faced government that you talk to us in a different, to other countries in a more different way,” reads the message posted by the hackers to the French government and the Armenian community.

“Your country must talk about the genocide – which is a crime against humanity – you did in Algeria! We know that the Armenians that live in Turkey are more different than the ones that live in your country and accumulate interest in the Armenian Diasporaones.”

At the time of writing the French MP's website is taken offline.

As in many similar situations, any international political conflicts are a good opportunity for hackers to take their complaints to the virtual environment, hacking and defacing websites to state their opinions.

While we are accustomed to the cyber battles that take place between Indian and Pakistani hackers for the Kashmir area and other points of interest, we must remember that every country in the world has at least one hacktivist collective that are eagerly waiting for the chance to show their powers.


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