Pakistani Website Hacked By H3r0

Hacked By H3r0

OMG!! y0u are H4x3d :P

Jobless Admin!!y0ur security sucks :xD rofl
[#] We are there t0 screw up y0ur Cyber Space..

# Admin!I am learning new things day by day!!:P
So its n0t my fault, Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna Ab Bhi mere Dil me Hain B'coz Hacking is my Passi0n :D :D

"Doodh Mangogey to Kheer dengey, Kashmir Mangogey to Phad Dengey !"

BEWARE !! DONT MESS WITH LORDS ! Else this will be y0ur future xD

>signing 0ff!
Vande Mataram, Long Live India Long Live ICA. JAI HIND!!

Sh0uts tO :-Code Breaker, Atul Dwivedi, RoOt_d3vil,Cooltoad ICA,Darkwlf Indishell,Cyberwarrier Indi,IRFn1nj4,Ethicalnoob Indishell,4ng3l 4k4 4d0r4b13,Mahakaal Hax0r,Cybera Guerreiro,Zoozoo Sniper,CyberPredator,Err0r1046,Ashell, Lionaneesh ,Ffe SSxt Prince and wh0le Team indishell
c0ntact me :


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