Morrocan are penetrating several Websites

After forces stopped deterrence Moroccan attacks on the country sites declared a truce short as long as a few hours, especially after the penetration of several locations country-the most important stock market and after the bankers country and although they just only convey the message to Qtraúal government and people without causing damage fictional national economy, by mine the coefficients of shareholders and tampering with the accounts. The national newspaper to wipe a provocation, "Moroccan Sahara" which had been written by Moroccan athlete "Alaquaoui" on her cheek.
This is not official confirmation of provocation to try to mini Qtraúal undermining the integrity of Morocco. Especially after the provocation that took place in the opening ceremony and the newspaper did flag country flag placed on the alleged Polisario in the map of the Moroccan desert.
And it has announced a deterrent forces of Morocco for its determination to respond forcefully to these provocations have condemned the Moroccan people, these actions shameful and long characterized the people of a small state of Qatar since turned against their ruler on the throne of his father. Where he Moroccans, outrage through social networking sites Calfaaspock and Twitter .

Which is what made "the Moroccan forces of deterrence," announces the resumption of attacks and breaking its part of the truce and vowed that they would come on the green and dry, and everything smells the smell of the country, especially after all that to make sure it was not a mistake, it is a deliberate and intentional. The label launched "Operation Black anger" on the war on the new electronic microscopic mini-state of Qatar.
The deterrent forces of Morocco had penetrated several websites that country the most important site Arab Games, and the Bureau Prince and some of the banks to stop their attacks when the Qatari bourse, sufficient to warn officials of the two countries that it is no longer a game, and they are able to hit a vital artery in Qatar AMI Qatar, and warning of the consequences of going too far in provoking the Moors in their cause of national unity and territorial integrity, and it seems that the country did not come to terms with the message and they are determined, to harassment in Morocco and Moroccans ..

On the other hand does not seem that the Moroccan government Tkthert for the command. And not even Moroccan parties, and it seems that the war Alastmas and positioning in the trenches of the opposition and government responsibilities divine responsible for these provocations.

Submitted to us by Warid .This is a matter of cyber security as you may have noticed that Morrocan are penetrating Qatar websites.


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