Indian Stock Market site "" hacked by @DestructiveSec

Today A Hacker named as "DestructiveSec" hacked the Indian Stock Market site and defaced the main site.  They also leaked the database in pastebin in three parts.
After some time, the website recovered by admin and bring the site back to online. What interesting thing, again the website is hacked by DestructiveSec itself(within 10 hours).

The admin bring the site back to online without fixing the vulnerability. It seem that the admin is not aware about the hacking attacks.

He left a message in defacement page:
Alright now ur just amusing me :D , Hacked AGAIN this is Defacement #2! What kind of Admin are you, Allowing me to senslessly delete ur data over and over =D

Database Leak:
The leak contains username,encrypted password and their email id.

The website was hacked in July 2011 by the  thehacker12 and he leaked the part of the database in pastebin(it is still there):
(This leak contains password in plain text format instead)


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