ffessxtprince from Indishell strikes again to wish Bangladesh Happy birthday

0n 3 December 1971, pakistan startd 0perati0n changez khan & sudDenLy atTaCkeD oN india wid their shamelesS navy & airf0rce... in reply indian navy & airf0rce startd atTaCks, their alL p0rts & bunker g0t rapeD withiN 4 days.. On 13th day of war (16 December) 90000 pakistani army men were in indian cust0dy, paki airf0rce & navy was undr c0ntr0l, bt the main chu wh0 starteD this war GENERAL NIAZI, was hiding undErgr0und fr0m Indian Army & Bd Liberati0n aRmy in dhaka with his 30000 p0rkystani army men, indian army GENRAL JACK0B al0ne went Dhaka & warneD NIAZI t0 aCcepT dEfeaT.. NIAZI aCcepteD & surRendeReD witHin 30 min, till that time BLA & 3000 indian army men dem0lisheD alL paki bunkerS in BD.. General JACK0B sh0wd mercy & free 90000 pk army men...In this war 1000 Indian Army men were lost their theiR Lives, th0usAnds oF bAngLadEshi pe0pLe saCrifiCeD.. This was w0rld's fastest vict0ry & w0rld's shamelesS dEfEaT(faCeD by pakistan infr0nt of Brave indian s0ldieRs & c0urage0us BangladEsHis)

SaluTinG alL maRtyeRs oF 1971 war wh0 leD theiR liFe & the sPiRit oF bl00dsheD bAngLadEsHi pe0pLe wh0 sh0weD c0uraGe & f0uGhT f0r freEd0m :)

Wishing Bangladesh a happy birthday,this was the best way to do it for ffessxtprince


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