Anonymous #OperationFalcon, Anti Police Brutality Program 2012

Anonymous Group "FawkesSecurity" decided to launch the #Operation Falcon in january 2012, against police brutality.

"minoritys of law enforcement all over the world are abusing their powers to the extent of causing serious harm or death to innocent people. in no way should a police officer who represents safety of the community and lifes be above the law. a large number of these cases are never investigated, even after official complaints. people have the right not to fear the law and become a victim from the people who claim to with hold it" said in their official press release.

Anonymous hackers will proceed in fighting against these corrupt and violent actions by any means possible, from exposing information on cases of police brutality by posting on forums and social networks to archiving evidence from victims around the world including videos, pictures or witness statements to ensure anonymous brings the corrupt police officers to justice.


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