Anonymous Operation Peace: Countering The Media War Against

Dear Citizens Of The World. We Are Anonymous #Operation Peace.

It has come to our attention that the globalist controlled Military Industrial Economic Propaganda machine has been using Iran as a pawn in an attempt to brainwash the Western world into supporting a war with Iran to bring about a WW3 scenario.

The lion has awoken and is currently shaking itself from it's chains. The oligarchy are aware and have began to accelerate their plans for depopulation. WW3 is the distraction they need to implement their One World Government dictatorship.

Time is of the essence. The time of action is now against this deliberate disinformation campaign on Iran. To avert another World War we must turn the information war on it's head against the criminal mafia running our mainstream media. We must make the alternative media the people's mainstream news.

In this release we have provided some basic information on the country and how the disinformation campaign is being delivered against Iran. The tactics that the oligarch controlled mainstream media are using to distract and mind control the masses into believing that Iran is a threat to the stability of the world when infact, Iran has not declared war on any other country in 300 years.

Waging war on Iran will bring suffering to the 99% while the 1% profits. We must never allow history to repeat itself.
We must unite as a people and expose those who profit from the death and misery of their fellow human beings and outcast these people from society. We must shame them with the truth and consequences of their actions.
We must never let them forget , for we do not forgive , nor forget evil.

We do not support the iranian dictators ,
We do not support the western dictators ,

We stand in solidarity with the people of Iran ,

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us!

 Info/Iran Factbook about Iran Iran Governmental Web Structure Speech by The Rt Hon Sir Edward George GBE, Governor of the Bank of England, at the Iran Invest 2000 IMF and Iran Banks in Iran World Bank Data Institutions Iran for sending encouraging messages Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library Western Banks Against Iran Wikileaks Iran
Iran is one of only three remaining countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank.
The other two are Cuba and North Korea.
The war on Iran is being sold to the western people because the Rothschilds want to gain
control of the Central Bank of Iran and the G.O.D supply (Gold, Oil and Drugs).


Five Individuals Indicted in a Fraud Conspiracy Involving Exports to Iran of U.S. Components Later Found in Bombs in Iraq

The Western Mainstream propaganda machine warns about the so called threat to the Western world from Iran yet Iran has not attacked another country in 300 years.

Media Disinformation. Selling war against Iran.
Propaganda campaign portrays Iran as a pariah state
by Ghali Hassan

US led propaganda campaign against Iran must end.

Iran Threat Is a Tactic: Main Goal Is To Checkmate Syria.

Disinfo Campaign On Iran

US caught lying about Iran

Israel Project caught faking thousands of names on Iran Petition

George Bush Caught Lying About Iran

Deutsche Bank closes Iran business Links for sending free online fax to Iran: (Text only) only) (.pdf-capable; 2 free faxes when signing up for free trial, no credit card/payment details needed)


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